1. Ejection5:44
  2. Aurora [5:34]
  3. Solar [3:09]
  4. Liberation6:07
  5. Vigil In The [4:30]
  6. Reunited4:37
  7. Offline1:38
  8. Total [2:21]
  9. A Sky Full Of [7:33]
  10. Solar [4:09]
  11. The Carrington Event (Flashback: [6:52]
  12. A New [3:01]
  13. 1989 Flashback: Second [9:00]
  14. Final [1:39]
  15. Ejection - Sunspot Remix (by [5:35]
The latest album by the Amnis Initiative. Released on CD as well as digital from all the usual sources for streaming or download, with 5.1 surround mixes in Flac format available on SurroundMusic.one. Sophisticated melodic electronic music with a contemporary electro / ambient appeal, blended with the melodic qualities of the classics in the genre, with references to Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre, Jan Hammer, Hans Zimmer, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Asura, Astronaut Ape, Madis, Volkor X and others.


A concept album inspired by the Carrington Event and other solar storm incidents that warn us for the dangers of relying on modern technology. On a faithful day back in 1859 the sun ejected so much solarplasma and charged particles during a five minute eruption that its solar storm covered our planet in world-wide aurora. And burning telegraph poles. If this happens again - and it will - our electronics will fry, power will be out and telecommunications will come to a sudden stop. Imagine our world after that inevitable day.