1. A Dream Within A Dream [4:13]
  2. The Raven [3:57] MP3 soundclip of The raven [3:00]
  3. The Tell-tale Heart [4:38]
  4. The Cask Of Amontillado [4:33]
  5. The System Of Doctor Tarr And Professor Fether [4:20]
  6. The Fall Of The House Of Usher
    1. Prelude [7:02]
    2. Arrival [2:39]
    3. Intermezzo [1:00]
    4. Pavane [4:36]
    5. Fall [0:51]
  7. To One In Paradise [4:46]
Produced and engineered by Allan Parsons.
All tracks written by Woolfson-Parsons except track 5 written by Woolfson/Parsons/Powell. Unlikely as the idea seems today to use the suspense-filled stories of Edgar Allan Poe as the basis for an album of rock tunes, listeners in the 1970s--who were barraged with such high-flown concepts during the heyday of prog-rock--turned the record into a major hit. The Project actually scored a Top 40 hit with "(The System of) Doctor Tarr and Professor Feather". Thanks to FM radio overplay, however, "The Raven" is probably the album's best-known track today. The 1987 CD version of "ToMaI" differs somewhat from the original vinyl. Parsons dropped in synthesizer parts to modernize the album, and added an opening recitation by Orson Welles. But the integrity of the original is maintained well enough, and the album remains a classic excuse to dim the lights, pour a glass of sherry (amontillado, natch), and break out the headphones.

2000. Daniel Durchholz This album is simply an unsung masterpiece. If anyone has the musical and educated ability to actually pull this idea off it is Parsons and Woolfson. Whether you prefer the original version or the 1987 re-master on CD, this album is a must for any music connoisseur. This unique studio unit takes the work of one the greatest American poets and makes music that is equally elegant. The album rocks on tracks like "The System Of Doctor Tarr" and Arthur Brown's madman delivery of the "Tell-Tale Heart." This work flows in a mysterious manner with the start of "House Of Usher" and continuing through to the haunting "To One In Paradise." In my opinion, this is perhaps one of the most unique and innovative works in the history of pop music. After all, Alan Parsons has made a career out of making pop music into an art form. This perhaps is his most brilliant work. Here's a tip. If you're a high school or college English Teacher when you get to Poe..bring this along. I guarantee you'll get their attention!

2000. Brad Morgan I prefer the original version that was transferred to CD by Mobile Fidelity. (Unfortunately they are still out of business.) The remastered version lacks the unique atmosphere of the original.

2002. Willem Keijzer / Netherlands I have the album too.. it's real old.. it has a book in it.. must be rare? all other lp's didn't have it.. I love the Album.

2003. Andy / USA The album is worth the price if only for "To One in Paradise".
Amazing production on this song, along with intriguing chord changes and a nice choir, makes for repeated listening.

2003. Dave / USA