1. Conflict Garden [3:54]
  2. Emerald [6:16]
  3. Drops To Repeat [4:53]
  4. Nordland EQ [4:15]
  5. Leema Motion Zone [5:53]
  6. Dew Flow [4:29]
  7. Hypnogreen [4:35]
  8. Greenlift [4:47]
  9. Deuterk [6:31]
  10. Invisible Subwire [4:53]
  11. Pjp55 [0:53]
It’s the reference to Plaid that’s the revealing detail in this case, as becomes evident mere seconds into the album when “Conflict Garden” rolls out a synth-laden beat construction that wouldn’t sound out of place on either of Plaid’s late-‘90s releases Not For Threes and Rest Proof Clockwork." Ron Schepper, Textura.org Psychonavigation Records are thrilled to announce the brand new album from Lorenzo Montanà. Following the massive success of his previous album ‘Eilatix’ Lorenzo serves up another varied selection of electronic treats that have been on heavy rotation at Psychonavigation HQ for the past few months. Lorenzo’s sound has developed greatly since Eilatix making ‘Leema Hactus’ his most accomplished work to date.