1. Son of Amittai [9:05]
  2. The order [7:01]
  3. The refusal [7:30]
  4. Towards Jafo [8:22]
  5. The flight to Tarsis [5:16]
  6. The residence of Nimrod [6:52]
  7. The sleeping prophet [8:14]
  8. The Fall [6:28]
  9. Prayer from the deep [7:57]
  10. Salvation from the Lord [4:01]
My music is about the story of the prophet Jonah. It is one of the short stories in the Bible. He resisted God's instruction.
This album is the first part of my project and ends where Jonah came ashore. The second part of the story follows, and will appear under the title "NO TIME WAS LOST".
I experienced some parallels in my life. So I was able to experience God's grace through Jesus Christ.
Many thanks to Markus Hildebrandt for creating the cover images and to Bernd Scholl for the artwork and audio mastering.
Simply enjoy
Rainer “Otarion” Klein