1. Richard Barbieri - Breaking The Silence and Light Years [21:15]
  2. Roedelius - Frieden Für Adjan, Verweht, Bonheur [21:12] MP3 soundclip of Frieden fur adjan [3:00]
  3. Claudio Chianura - T'ai [21:07]
Sections of Richard Barbieri's compositions have been used on this album by Claudio Chianura and Roedelius called T'AI.

"Breaking The Silence" And "Light Years" by Richard Barbieri are taken from "Other Worlds In A Small Room"
"Frieden Für Adjan", "Verweht", "Bonheur" (by Hans Joachim Roedelius) are taken from "Piano Piano"
"T'AI" by Claudio Chianura & Piero Chianura is previously unreleased.