1. The Backward Step
  2. Tristia
  3. Little Fly-Mouchette
  4. Breathturn
  5. In The Nothing Of A Night
  6. Andalusia
  7. The Whole Catastrophe
  8. The World We Knew As Children
  9. Dust In The Devil's Snow
  10. How Can I Make You Remember Me
  11. You Lost The Starlight In Your Eyes
  12. Something Other Than Remaining
'Chasing After Shadows...Living with the Ghosts', Hammock's fourth album, captures the duo transitioning into a much larger, darker sound and merging their signature cosmic guitar washes with massive layers of live, acoustic instruments and thick analog tones.

Masterfully mixed by Tim Powles, member of The Church, ''Chasing'' transcends a mere listening experience by its emotional intensity and sheer beauty and is somehow able to convey one's innermost longings into sound, making for an indescribable affirmation of the spirit.

2010. Press Information I'm thrilled to be the first to review this, i thought it would be already littered with gleeful reviews describing this albums incredible affect over body and soul. I'm a big Hammock fan but that doesn't mean i didn't go into this album with skepticism. I thought "Maybe they will sing" was a small step down and i was hoping the direction wouldnt continue. Boy did i have nothing to worry about.

This album is a step back to their roots. Less electronic, though the electronic elements do add a great touch in these lighter tunes. The vocals are scarcely scattered throughout the album and the songs that do feature these soulful and calming vocals are gorgeously layered and some of the standouts on the album. Very remniscent of the Kenotic era, with songs like Breathturn and The world we knew when we were children sounding similar to "Blankets of Night" BUT remaining very original in their own way.

The songs have more hope in their sound and atmosphere, and a great deal of nostalgia is aroused through these layered and delicate compositions. IT is THE perfect music for engaging and relaxing at the same time. How it's been done is a mystery to me but all i can say is this album is SO damn beautiful and i'm sure many will agree with me. My favourite tracks include:

The backwards Step
In the Nothing of a Night
You lost the Starlight in your eyes
Something other than Remaining

Highly recommended for fans of ANY genre, Fans of remniscing, contemplating and simply relaxing.

2010. Kenny Roy