1. Light By Initiation [3:38]
  2. Calls from a Lost Conscience [2:31]
  3. Global Construction [6:55]
  4. Secret of Shady Gorges [3:50]
  5. Axis Mundi [3:52] MP3 soundclip of Axis Mundi [3:00]
  6. Reflections of a Dawn [3:25]
  7. Invocation of the Source of Life [5:05]
  8. Under an Holy Ritual [5:28]
  9. Cryptic Spell [3:07]
  10. Back to Tikla [2:20]
  11. Waking Up from a Wistful Day [3:49]
Under An Holy Ritual was recorded and mixed between January and April 1992.

All titles composed and performed by Alio Die except track 6 by Alio Die and Paolo Beltrame Alio Die has consistently and sonically illustrated his halluciatory tribal vision once again on this release. Following suit of "Sit Tibi Terra Levis", otherworldly and organic sounds permeate the strange atmosphere. Although there is no real "beat" to any of the music, Alio Die's use of looped samples create their own rhythms through repetition. I have never heard a better use of sampled loops than those Alio Die uses. Strange sounds. Organic and earthy, yet sometimes not of this earth... Thick and foggy, murky and deep are terms I would use to describe this release. Just plain weird but oh so enjoyable! This cd can induce some serious panic and fright if you plan to put the lights out and headphones on. You will hear no vocals or chants on this cd.
If you liked his other releases such as the one mentioned above and also "The Door of Possibilities", then you will definitely enjoy this cd.

BK / USA I have about eleven Alio Die CDs, and yet I've always felt that Under an Holy Ritual - Alio's "second" release - was one of his least inspired overall (with the 'major' exception of Ritual's stellar and haunting opening track, "Initiation By Light" (I guess I favor his more 'haunting' work); but aside from a potent opener, the rest of this disc fell flat for me.
Well, things began to look up after his album with works such as the Flight of Real Image (ep), 5000 Spirits (w/ Runes Order), Door of Possibilities, Le Stanze Della Trancendenza etc.

I've probably been too critical of Holy Ritual; it is definitly worth a listening too and forming one's own opinion, especially if you've heard the work of Alio before.