1. P'Cock - House In The Storm [6:34]
  2. Megabyte - Powerplay [4:25]
  3. Paul Hardcastle - Strolli'n [3:32]
  4. Alan Parsons - Where's The Walrus [7:25]
  5. Software - Island-Sunrise [6:29]
  6. Purple Schulz - Gib Mir [6:07]
  7. Mtume - Sweet For You And Me [5:03]
  8. Quiet Force - Listen To The Music [6:11]
  9. G.E.N.E. - Secrets Of Darkness [5:45]
  10. Richard Burmer - Across The View [:39]
Compilation CD on defunct IC label. IC 710.73.
Includes previously unreleased material and CD bonus tracks. Excellent compilation, indeed. The four LP set was released in 1987 and includes very smooth songs, other very hard to find. I own a digital recording studio, so I could remaster all songs of the album. This record is very hard to find. I love this compilation, and started looking for other songs of these artists and bands.
I could get a complete collection of Purple Schulz, Paul HardCastle, Kenny G. Really nice sounds, specially "Software-Island Sunrise" and Mind Over Matter's track.
Music for your ears.
Enjoy it!