1. Rhythm Of The Tides [6:17]
  2. Bridge Of Confidence [5:29]
  3. In The Presence Of Angels [4:54]
  4. Iris [9:05]
  5. From Distant Shores [7:17]
  6. In The Presence Of Angels (reprise) [1:41]
  7. Hearts In Celestial Unison [4:56]
  8. Flowers Along The Way [2:53]
  9. Colors Of A New Dawn [6:32]
  10. Brighter Than A Star [7:12]
Gandalf - Acoustic 12-string guitar & classical nylon guitar, electric guitars, bouzuki, saz, piano, mellotron, keyboards & soundsamplers, percussion
Julia Martins - Vocals on "In The Presence Of Angels"

"Colors Of A New Dawn" is Gandalfīs brandnew album
The music is very harmonious and tranquil, and very personal. Gandalf played all the instruments himself , supported by a vocal guest appearance of Julia Martins, also from Austria.

Press Information The music I write is like a soundtrack for my own life. It reflects my very personal experiences and feelings, my joy and my sadness. It is about the faith in the positive forces in life, about hopes and longings, about love and friendship and the search for a life in balance and celestial harmony. Life can really be a positive experience, it is just a matter of the way we are looking at it. It is not meant to be easy all the time, every crisis gives us a new chance for learning, every challenge helps us growing, if we just keep the faith and donīt give up.

Gandalf Gandalf gives us a new gift of a magnificent record of New Instrumental Music. His fans will find here many of the ingredients that characterize this musician.
The ten pieces that integrate "Colors of a new dawn" are very melodic, with romantic airs and crystalline environments. The artist builds soundscapes of a great beauty, and some even turn out to be highly mysterious.
The result cannot be more convincing: magical atmospheres, plenty of imagination, and magnificent melodies.

2004. Pascual Jurado