1. 8:01 PM at the Gate to the Okefenokee [1:13]
  2. Ommatidial Sorcerers [7:58]
  3. Sunny Dew Pixie Stix [20:28]
  4. Tacit Fox [11:07]
  5. Suwannee Riversill [4:38]
  6. Name That Tune [9:11]
  7. Spacestation Hamburg [8:25]
  8. Easy Stranded Time [5:24]
  9. Mars (Excerpt Feat: John Christian) [6:41]
  10. Syncing in the Swamp [2:50]
  11. Latern Eyes [7:16] MP3 soundclip of Latern eyes [2:00]
  12. Jupiter (Excerpt Feat: Dave Brewer) [4:42]
Ricochet Gathering Okefenokee 2002.
The AirSculpture line-up was comprised of John Christian and Peter Ruczynski.
Star Sounds Orchestra is Steve Schroyder and Jens Zygar.

Third Ricochet Gathering performance of electronic swamp music performed live at Stephen C. Foster State Park, Fargo, Georgia USA from April 19-23, 2002.

Howard Moscovitz - Banjo (Electric)
Greg Waltzer - Electronics
Bill Fox - Guitar
Dave Brewer - Keyboards, Synthesizer
Jens Zygar - Percussion
John Christian , Peter Ruczynski , Steve Schroyder - Synthesizer
Robert Grabowsky - Synthesizer, Drones (tracks: 9, 12)

This is the music of the Ricochet Gathering which took place in the Okefenokee Swamp, Georgia USA in 2002 (the third year). We called this electronic swamp music, but it really is Berlin School style retro EM featuring John Christian and Pete Ruczynski from AirSculpture (UK), Dave Brewer (USA), Bill Fox (USA) and Steve Schroyder (former member of Tangerine Dream) and Jens Zygar of Star Sounds Orchestra. Also guest musicians Howard Moscovitz and Greg Waltzer are featured.
The music took a slight change from retro EM to include some more beats and guitar, so you'll find some percussion, gutiar and even an electric banjo mixed in. Star Sounds Orchestra plays ambient to psychedelic goa trance, and their influence is felt here. This modest 3rd gathering continued the Ricochet Gathering concept which has grown to a large list of reknown musicians and occurs each year in a different exotic location around the globe.

Press Information This release from 2007 features 80 minutes of music recorded live at the third Ricochet Gathering, which occurred at Stephen C. Foster State Park, in Fargo, Georgia on April 19-23, 2002.
Attending this Gathering were: Steve Schroyder (ex-Tangerine Dream), John Christian and Peter Ruczynski (from Airsculpture), Dave Brewer, Jens Zygar (from Star Sounds Orchestra), Bill Fox, Howard Moscovitz, and Greg Waltzer. These musicians jammed together to produce the music found on this CD.

Again, lavish keyboards produce outstanding electronics that strive to evoke not just the swamp mien but propel that sound to stratospheric heights. Delicate chords of crystalline fashion glimmer with mystic charm. Deeper tones establish a grounding effect, uniting soil and sky. Growling electronics introduce an organic presence that serves to energize the moody tuneage. Gurgling diodes accomplish a cosmic influence that hints at the vistas found beyond our atmosphere.
While the general tone is pacific, frequent whimsical passages energize the flow with delectably uptempo sensibilities. The mode never strays into techno, though, remaining firmly rooted in a contemporary flavor.
Doses of blazing space guitar provide ambrosial beacons of illumination. Percussion is more prevalent here, but still remains an auxiliary contribution to the music. The rhythms are snappy and studiously dedicated to locomotion. While most of the tracks explore dreamy terrain, several pieces take a bouncy approach with restrained hyperactivity and exotic flair.
The compositions are more modern this time, casting off the demonstrative T-Dream influences to indulge the individual styles of the musicians. The result is dazzling and enchanting, with tunes that simultaneously float and bop.

Matt Howarth / Soniccuriosity This limited edition of 300 includes a disclaimer that it has been released due to fan requests, and that the sound quality is not fully up to par. With that in mind, this rough-around-the-edges recording is nonetheless a worthwhile piece of electronic music history, covering a fair amount of territory over its 80 minutes.

I love the punchy drum-like noises on the brief opening track, followed by "Ommattidial Sorcerers," a moody floater loaded with atmosphere.
"Sunny Dew Pixie Stix" is pure AirSculpture, with lovely bright bubbly sequencing, chugging rhythms, and assorted electronic wizardry.
"Tacit Fox" is a quirky number that starts off interestingly enough but gets bogged down with a tinny orchestra hit sound that is way overused and really annoying. Thankfully it is one of the shorter tracks, easily skipped.
"Suwannee Riversill" fares much better with warm synth pads, bright piano with reverb, and deep rich sequencing, an excellent example of classic Berlin school.
Twangy guitars on "Name That Tune" take us to the Old West side of EM. I think someone may even be banging a pot or something not the best of the bunch but fun nonetheless.
Speaking of fun, "Spacestation Hamburg" offers a brisk rhythm and percolating synths, a unique track with a fresh sound somewhere between rock and EM. An aggressive, edgy sequence takes over and sounds splendid. It builds and builds as high-pitched synths threaten to spiral out of control at the end, great stuff.
By the time "Easy Stranded Time" bounces smoothly by, its clear that this week of music in 2002 was about trying a little of everything.
There are gems throughout definitely worth mining, for example the 13-minute "Mars" featuring John Christian from AirSculpture.
And "Syncing in the Swamp" (ha ha) is pure sequencer bliss as it stutter steps quickly by.

With far more hits than misses, this set was well worth releasing and is well worth getting before they sell out.

2007. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space