1. Traumhaft Klingt Die Nacht [9:12] MP3 soundclip of Traumhaft klingt die nacht [3:00]
  2. Helle Töne In Dunnen Luften [3:18]
  3. Unter Sternen [9:24]
  4. Wanderer Im Schwarzen Wind [6:38]
  5. Die Steinernen Stufen Des Mönc [4:34]
  6. Der Blaue Quell Im Grund [10:48]
  7. Schon Winkt Zur Sternenreise D [13:50]
  8. Erwachen Im Kindlichen Garten [12:12]
"Sebastian im Traum' is named after a track from the Klaus Schulze "Audentity" album.
Frank Specht and Gerd Wienekamp are Rainbow Serpent. Frank is one half of the awesome Rainbow Serpent. Here we have his solo album and as with Gerd Wienekamp’s (the other half of Rainbow Serpent) album 'Der Laborant - Kontakt' what we get is a mixture of very recognizable Serpent characteristics as well as a different angle identifying the individuality of each member.

This is something of a concept album following the passage of a series of dreams. Cosmic shimmers act as a gentle introduction to ‘Traum 1’ but then a great whoosh of sound descends on us like a tidal wave. A gorgeous shimmering lead line then grabs the focus and a bass beat forms a solid structure on which a sequence starts to emerge and another brighter rhythm is layered over the top. An energetic driving number providing a splendid start. Each track runs into each other so we move straight into ‘Traum 2’ a very melodic piano lead piece.
‘Traum 3’ is a marked contrast to the previous number as we are immediately treated to dark synth drones. A delicate echoing motif is repeated and each time left to hang in the air until it fades away. A sequence emerges out of the dark but just acts as the backbone to a rather sleepy but hypnotic section. It is only after seven minutes that things start to take off and we get more umph!
‘Traum 4’ introduces a superb heavy rhythm over which floats a sublime melody. For the final minute and a bit we return to the world of shifting images.
‘Traum 5’ uses a faintly tribal rhythm, flute and didgeridoo. The didg is an instrument I don’t usually like on EM albums but here it fits perfectly. At two minutes the rhythm becomes rather manic then fades back again to allow Gothic chants to be heard, it all works superbly. I know some of you will be put off by the description of this track, don’t be it is extremely inventive, effective and not remotely cliched. We then return to the watery shifting thoughts of background sleep.
‘Traum 6’ retains the flute sound from before but then a sequence takes its first descriptively mellow steps. Another higher register one is layered over the top then more and more until I lose count of all the different lines involved. Superb stuff!
More cosmic bleeps and twitters take us into ‘Traum 7’. From atmospheric beginnings a bass (non dance) rhythm very slowly unfolds then we get a steam train making its stately progress down the line. More atmospheric pads are used as the backdrop to a melodic sequence. This is a beautiful track and for me is the standout number on the album. We flow from one stunning melodic sequence to the next and the underpinning pads are just heavenly.
Now on to the final Traum. The sequences are now menacing but are added to by a more playful one at around the four minute mark. We are dreaming again but this seems like a disturbed and unsettled sleep from which we will be pleased to wake.

So to sum up this album has sequences a plenty but don’t expect them to be of the thunderous earthquake or a million mile an hour variety. What you have here is quite an emotional album but in the best sense and not remotely twee.

2000. DL