1. Oye Owa [4:42]
  2. Dancing in Space [4:49]
  3. Rima Song [4:26]
  4. A Symphonic Space Dream [4:19]
  5. Symphony [5:00]
  6. From Angels to Raphael [4:14]
  7. Start [4:31]
  8. Magic Fly [4:44]
  9. New York - Paris [5:10]
With the participation of the St. Petersburg Symphonic Orchestra conducted by : Algis Paulavichus
All Songs Composed by : Didier Marouani

Lyrics on 4 by Paul Greedus, sung by Deborah Cooper.
Guitar by Yann Benoist.
Children voices on Dancing in Space: Aliza Faragher, Gend Eskow.
Backing vocals: Cindy Mizelle, Audrey Wheeler.

Didier MAROUANI has finish mixing the new SPACE album : "SYMPHONIC SPACE DREAM"; Didier Marouani has just finished mixing the new SPACE album "SYMPHONIC SPACE DREAM" which has been Didier's dream for the past 15 years. It mixes two musical universes : Synthesizer music and Symphonic Orchestra.. After five months of recording the synthesizer's music in New York, Didier obtained the participation of the St Petersburg Symphonic Orchestra, as both him and SPACE are a legend in the former Soviet Union.
Didier, his American sound engineer Michael Drexler and his team, went to St Petersburg to record the prestigious orchestra.
It took more than seven and a half months to record and mix the album which contains melodies and dance beats, mixed with music from the Symphonic Orchestra. The whole album is orchestral with two remixes of the world-hits: MAGIC FLY and SYMPHONY and a song SYMPHONIC SPACE DREAM sung by Deborah Cooper, who sings with Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston.
It is a very strong song and a very original album. Listen to it and make up your mind....

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