1. Paikea Legend [3:29]
  2. Journey Away [3:43]
  3. Rejection [1:43]
  4. Biking Home [3:25]
  5. Ancestors [1:43]
  6. Suitcase [1:04]
  7. Pai Calls The Whales [1:32]
  8. Reiputa [2:14]
  9. Disappointed [2:55]
  10. They Came To Die [2:19]
  11. Pai Theme [3:49]
  12. Paikea's Whale [4:01]
  13. Empty Water [1:40]
  14. Waka In The Sky [1:56]
  15. Go Forward [5:52]
Composed, performed and arranged by - Lisa Gerrard

Keisha Castle-Hughes - Voice on track 1
Rawiri Paratene - Voice on track 4
Keisha Castle-Hughes - Voice on track 7
Phil Pomeroy - piano on track 11
Keriana Thomson, The Wananga Boys - Voice on track 12
The People Of Ngati Konghi, Whangara - Voice (Haka) on track 14
Keisha Castle-Hughes - Voice on track 15
The People Of Ngati Konghi, Whangara - Voice (Haka) on track 15

This ex-Dead Can Dance member imparts her own mixture of the ethereal, the worldly, the emotionally abstract, and the purely beautiful to all of her projects. She's been universally recognized and acclaimed for her body of work, received a Golden Globe and was Oscar-nominated for the ''Gladiator'' soundtrack. She has also worked on such high profile movies as ''Ali'' and ''The Insider''.
This release is a soundtrack for the New Zealand indie film ''Whale Rider'', already the biggest grossing film in New Zealand ever. Gerrard's music, combined with the motion picture, provides an experience of profound power and spiritual enlightenment.

Press Information Lisa Gerrard, the former voice of Dead Can Dance, returns with a soundtrack following on her acclaimed scores to Gladiator (with Hans Zimmer) and The Insider (with Pieter Bourke). Those hoping for another glimpse into ecstasy through Gerrard's magnificent voice will be disappointed. This score to the New Zealand-set film relies more on texture and mood, with Gerrard's voice planted in a slowly undulating drift of synthesizers and sustained guitar lines. It's not until "Biking Home" that you might even recognize Gerrard's voice in this quietly joyful mood piece. She only gives herself full, if understated, voice on the symphonic closing track, "Go Forward" which echoes Gladiator's "Now We Are Free," but with Maori chanting. Though there is some compelling music on Whale Rider, much of it sounds bereft without the accompanying images.

John Diliberto