1. Mare Tranquillitatis [7:08]
  2. Ambient voyage [8:17]
  3. Sequenced day [7:40]
  4. Steel towers [10:18]
  5. Wind of the stars [7:08]
  6. Voice of the wind [6:36]
  7. Are you there? [8:40]
  8. Beautiful Thing [8:51]
  9. Slow Moving Structures [8:18]
Asuntar finally released the new premiere. Sonically, climatically and technically, he naturally joined well known Polish label that over the years promotes classical electronic music. After listening to the album you can ask yourself the question, whether the Berlin school with a solid dose of ambient music has still something to offer? It turns out that it has a lot. The main purpose of the music is not to open up its new horizons and tear down the existing order with every upcoming album. The music first of all should give a joy to the creator at the stage of composing and later to his listeners who will open their minds for this cosmic story. This is Asuntar's Pulses album, that delights by its space, remarkable arrangements and mystery.