1. A cage in search of a bird part 1
  2. A cage in search of a bird part 2
  3. Kiev mission (remake 2009)
Eurosian concerts 2009.

A CAGE IN SEARCH OF A BIRD - about the new mini cup disc: "Kiev Mission" is known to most TD addicts as one of THE classical Dream tunes created back in the early 80’s. Originally you could listen to Russian sentences of planet earth specifications. Within this new production we wanted to keep the remake a bit more neutral and recorded it purely instrumental. This was hard work especially because of the sound research within TD’s classic library containing all samples from the past decades. So please listen to the past of today.
You will also find on this mini cup disc "A Cage In Search Of A Bird" - Part I + II. It’s not just the title alone being Kafkaesque it´s also the music which takes you away from your daily so-called reality into the upside down alchemical world of nothing and all.

Press Information On the occasion of the concerts in Northeim, Berlin and Japan, this twenty minutes short EP, or ‘cupdisc’, as Eastgate likes to call this format, was released.
The artistical value is found more on the cover, than in the music, though.

The first two cuts on the EP A Cage In Search Of A Bird Part 1 and Part 2, sound like they were out takes from the last years’ releases. Regular inferior works. We have heard it a million times before, and especially Part 2 treads water big time.
I suppose Kiev Mission (Remake 2009) is okay. If it wasn't for the injunction that the track was re-recorded purely instrumental, I had been thoroughly sceptic by the announcement of this EP. Tangram 2008 and Hyperborea 2008 was promoted with exactly the same promise of careful "sound research", but hardly proved to be anything but the original albums with contemporary layers added?
Well then. Compared to the original, and especially the live versions from Northeim and Berlin, it’s simply a too watered-down version, and especially the drumming sound remarkably low-budget. The best thing is without doubt the synthesizer solo, just before the second section of the track. The power of penetration has paled in contrast to the message-strong original version from Exit, 1981, where a female sensually recites, in sotto voce, the message of world peace and nuclear disarmament. That is all gone now.

I predict A Cage In Search Of A Bird a quick route to oblivion.

Jacob Pertou / Danmark