1. Blossom
  2. Avril 2009
  3. Ama no Sode
  4. Fragment 17
  5. Fragment 22
  6. Premiere Nuit
Taking a more studious, academically-grounded approach to synthesis than some of the more DIY-oriented releases on Rural Faune's Synth Series, Blossom is an album by French composer, novellist and poet Marc-Henri Arfeux. Across six pieces, Arfeux employs a host of both analogue and digital synthesizers, fashioning soundscapes that are as indebted to early electronic pioneers as they are later synth gurus such as Klaus Schulze and Jean-Michel Jarre. At times there are parallels to be with contemporaries such as Oneohtrix Point Never (a fellow contributor to the Rural Faune Synth Series), but there's also a recurrent emphasis on the more new-age inspired aspects of synthesizer music, with a track like 'Ama No Sode' inviting comparisons with Popol Vuh's most strictly electronic works, or Vangelis's keyboard meanderings. 'Fragment 22' only confirms this, weaving together atmospheric synth-string drones and chant-like female vocals. At the more experimental end of Arfeux's output you'll hear the likes of 'Fragment 17', which feature far heavier processing, revealing the hand of computer-based edits and plug-in tampering.

All this makes Blossom one of the more technical and thorough entries into the Synth Series, but there's enough of a grounding in gaudy, dream-like weirdness to ensure that essential spirit of Rural Faune's sub-label is preserved.

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