1. Departure Point MP3 soundclip of Departure [3:00]
  2. Sunburst Shift
  3. The Zen Machine
  4. Farewell Voyager MP3 soundclip of Farewell voyager [1:08]
  5. Further Out
  6. Two Dimension Xpansion
  7. Tales Of Ancient Travellers
  8. Kinetic Transfer
  9. Echoes
  10. Electrik Religions
  11. Ode To An Era
The new cd is a highly energetic workout of kinetic sequencer passages, percussion and synth solos. Beyond Silence draws from the old and new to create a cd many listeners will enjoy. There are of course nods to the classic emusic composers as my affinity for cosmic rock.

Press Information This release from 2005 offers 63 minutes of lively electronic music.
Alpha Wave Movement is Gregory Kyryluk.

AWM usually delves in ambient soundscapes, but this latest release explores a realm of demonstrably sprightly tuneage. Keyboards sparkle amidst a bevy of vivacious electronics. Crystalline riffs gyrate and cavort, defining a rather jubilant mood that is highly infectious. Gurgling cybernetics surround several simultaneous melodies that combine to achieve a remarkably buoyant sonic experience. Chugging patterns set a brisk pace for the rest of the harmonics. Sounds seem to hurry along, eager to fulfill their spry purpose. Employing a full range of sonic density, the tunes vibrate with power and authority. There is a distinct intention of fun to this music, though, conveyed through mercurial riffs that glisten with contagious optimism.
E-perc abounds, producing energetic propulsion to the uptempo flow. Standard synthetic rhythms are expanded with inventive tinkering, producing novel impacts that give the tempos an otherworldly air. Sometimes the keyboards themselves provide additional rhythms, rapidly looping notes to expand the rhythmic presence with softer beats.
While often spacey in their overall sound, these tracks contain a solid humanity that infuses the swift compositions with an accessible charm.
The songs are brief, producing a straightforward development of the melodies.

Kyryluk packs a lot into these 4-7 minute stretches, maximizing enjoyment and delivering rewarding satisfaction for the audience.

Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity Greg Kyryluk has explored a variety of synthesizer styles, from ambient and ethno-tribal to space music and Berlin school. Beyond Silence finds him in a particularly optimistic mood, light and bouncy being the order of the day, featuring developed melodies and easygoing rhythms.

"The Zen Machine" is a very catchy piece with a three-pronged attack of great sequencing, cool synth leads, and infectious beats. It has a similar feel to stronger works by Tangerine Dream around the time of Le Parc, pop-length tunes that paint enjoyable pictures with sound.
A low pulsing synth starts "Farewell Voyager" planted firmly in the early 80s sound of both TD and Jean-Michel Jarre.
And "Further Out" is reminiscent of Jonn Serrieís early space music.
Less familiar to some is Waveshape, but thatís exactly who I think of when I hear "Two Dimension Xpansion", their excellent Zyklus CD to be exact. This is one of my favorites.
"Kinetic Transfer" is an exciting, almost frantic number. Both in sound and in name, this reminds me of an earlier Alpha Wave Movement release, Concept of Motion. There is also more than a little nod to Steve Roachís Stormwarning.
In marked contrast, "Echoes" has a gentle feel, building at just the right pace.

The first time I listened to this disc I found it on the cute side, and as a matter of fact it is. Beyond Silence is music to relax and have some fun with Ė nothing wrong with that.

Phil Derby / Electroambient Space Gregory Kyryluk returns with his inviting new solo album full of energizing sequences and rhythms, and warm melodies. It is a beautiful drive all the way through. The cd features 11 tracks which combine elements of the old and the new schools of electronic music, nicely pulled off by "Departure Point".
Also, anticipate some great vintage sounds and sequencing, as heard on the mesmerizing "The Zen Machine". But there are also more held back tracks, like the quiet and floating "Further Out" or "Echoes".
The driving "Kinetic Transfer" features some percolating sequencing and straight rhythms.
In all, "Beyond Silence" is nicely done.

Bert Strolenberg / SonicImmersion.org