1. Flarepath [9:44] MP3 soundclip of Flarepath [3:00]
  2. Cometary Impulse [15:25]
  3. Pharos
    1. First [10:41]
    2. Middle [7:56]
    3. Final [11:07]
Recorded from April 10 to May 16, 1989.
Composed, arranged, performed, produced, and recorded by Eric Van Baaren and Ton Haring

Produced with analog equipment such as Arp, Moog, Korg and Roland synthesizers and additional nature sounds. No computers used. Remastered in November/December 2003.
This album was first released in the early eighties but has now been re-mastered and re-issued. There are three long tracks mixing classic Electronic Music with progressive and symphonic elements as well as some excellent guitar.

'Flarepath' erupts with a barrage of cosmic twitters and analog sounds. A slow sequence gets underway soon to be joined by a steady rhythm. It's an extremely impressive beginning. A lead line enters in the third minute and it is here that the first slight prog tendencies can be heard. There are some very strong melodies and overall a very big sound. The sequence changes markedly in the sixth minute, more very impressive melodies appear along with a delicate guitar solo.
We then go through a cosmic section for the transition into 'Cometary Impulse'. Electronic twitters and rapid note runs emphasize the feeling of space as we continue on our journey to the deepest regions of the galaxy. In the seventh minute a sequence and rhythm combination start up providing a structure round which lead lines come and go, drums picking up the pace still further. It reminded me a little of SFF. It builds up to quite a prog rock storm but with loads of traditional Electronic Music elements in there as well. The title track takes up over half the album and is split into three sections.
'First' is a rather delicate scene setter with note droplets decaying away over a carpet of soft pads. Drums come in for the last couple of minutes and we start to rock again but this is only a short flurry of activity before we move into the extremely tranquil 'Middle'. Birdsong mixes with a little tinkling sequence and briefly the sound of footsteps. Nearer the end someone can just be heard calling out.
Complex waves of sound flood the soundstage at the beginning of 'Final'. A similar understated sequence to the last section can be heard amongst it all. Curious but carefully crafted stuff. In the sixth minute things calm down a little and the sound of a train can be heard.
We then return to more conventional realms on the back of steady drumbeats, percussion and lovely melodic lead lines. It all goes together to provide a very satisfying finish.

DL I am very happy that this excellent EM has been released on CD... at last !!! My first experience with Par Example's music was back in 1989 at the KLEMday in Best (Eindhoven) where the duo performed their tape "Pharos". Even before the gig started I was impressed by the mass of analogue gear that filled the tiny stage. So analogue music it is, yes ! But this is not mainstream Berlin School or whatever.
Do not expect endless Franke-like sequencing nor Schulze-like soloing, but rather a mix of thrilling ambience and some beautiful melodies.
The result can hardly be compared to any other EM artist, which as such is a remarkable feat. Most of you will enjoy it ! I have not heard the quality of the CD, but it can only be better than the tape, which was not bad soundwise. So go and buy this CD !

2008. Erwin Broers / Belgium