1. Ligea
  2. Teles
  3. Sirens MP3 soundclip of Sirens [1:01]
  4. Raidne
  5. Deianira
  6. The Bride of Taar MP3 soundclip of The Bride of taar [0:51]
  7. Melody of Darka
"Sirens" is an ambient electronic music album of genuine passion. Beautifully produced and cosmic on an epic scale, the music washes over the listener as if floating in a sea of tranquility and calm. However, this is not your usual ambient fare. It is a superb and quite unique mixture of electronics and guitar with wonderful nuances of sound. The music weaves between soundscapes of beauty, calm, cosmic spaces and dark emptiness that crosses between the mysterious visions of early Tangerine Dream and the cosmic landscapes of 'Dreamtime Return' by Steve Roach.
The seven tracks on Sirens all have an 'edge' that is so often missing in this genre of music, and that edge is supplied by the color and variation of Carlo's superb guitar or reed percussion. The listener is left floating serenely; a female voice in the distance, guitar textures imbuing the music with a mixture of dark and light, color and shade, beauty and melancholy. The musical journey drifts and sways effortlessly, but never loses sight of its purpose.
Sirens is a masterpiece of ambient electronic music.

Press Information Carlo Luzi is an Italian musician who started playing instrumental music around 1980. He founded the band "Terra della Sera" with Paolo de Gregori (Kaj Norrijus) and the project "SeraSidereA", again with Paolo de Gregori and soprano Daniela Massi in 2008.
That same year, Carlo also started releasing music under the alias Acheloo (named after the god that represents the river from which all waters have originated), whose album "Sirens" is his debut. The concept of the album are the Sirens, the daughters of Acheloo and the expression of dualism. They are associated to the pure idea of the limit, of the border, of the transition both physical and ritual. It expresses the transition of the radical metamorphosis, as well as the transition from adolescence to maturity or from life to death.

"Sirens" offers a nice blend of tranquil, softly glowing textural music, made out of velvet soundscapes and occasional female vocal textures, creating a sedate, dreamy atmosphere, to which a dose of spacy guitar is added now and then.
Darker shades are briefly rolling in on the second piece "Teles", which also offers a slight sequence. Heavenly spheres are formed on the 12-minute title track as a nice cascading sequencing and serene voice pads fade in. Repetitive e-guitar licks and a slow motion of wavering textures set out the course on "Raidne" to which a circling light sequence pattern is added.
My personal highlight is next, the 7-minute "Deianira". An astonishing space track of flowing soundscapes taking you right up to heaven. "The Bride of Taar" features much more pronounced e-guitar maneuvering over the soundscape tapestry. The closing track "Melody of Darka" is a guitar dominated atmospheric outing, overall less strong when compared to the previous cosmic pieces.

Although the music at a few occasions sounded slightly harsh, "Sirens" is a recommended ambient release for sure.

2010. Bert Strolenberg / Sonic Immersion