1. Asana - Re-Embodiment
  2. Under the Dome - Launch
  3. Airsculpture - Pogofish
  4. Asana - Gold
  5. Under the Dome - Flüssiger Vier-Takter
  6. Airsculpture - Translucent Edge
  7. Paul Nagle - Lore
'Harmonized' contains an otherwise unavailable track each by Airsculpture, Under The Dome and Asana plus the title track from 'Lore' by Paul Nagle plus another track each by Airsculpture, Under The Dome and Asana which are already available.
I.o.w. there are seven tracks in total on the CD. Total running time 69.52 minutes. The sampler comes in a jewelcase with really nice artwork. This sampler is a solid showcase of the talented artists assembled on the Neu Harmony label, including Asana, Airsculpture, Paul Nagle, and Under the Dome. There are two tracks by each artist, with the exception of Nagle, whose 16-minute title track from Lore is featured.
Asana's "Re-Embodiment" is a fine starter, establishing the label's trademark modern electronic sound. Things then really kick into high gear with "Launch," a previously unreleased track from Under the Dome. High energy sequencers galore, this song will strongly appeal to Jean-Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream fans. Next comes "Pogofish," one of my favorite tracks from Airsculpture's "Thunderhead" CD.
Asana's second featured track on the CD, "Gold," starts with some surprisingly straightforward guitars. Though this song plays more like an instrumental rock song than the others, it is very good, and not at all out of place.
To my knowledge, Airsculpture's "Translucent Edge" is only available on this CD, so their fans will want to check out this thoroughly enjoyable 11-minute ride through their trademark display of energetic sequencers.
As near as I can tell, the songs that appear elsewhere are in their original versions here. It would have been nice to have alternative versions or remixing to make this more of a standalone compilation. If you already own Neu Harmony releases, you are probably going to already have several of these songs. Still, it is a solid overview of the material the label offers.

1999. © Phil Derby / Wind and Wire