1. The journey to Roswell [6:15]
  2. Crash site [8:29]
  3. Exciting experiences [4:46]
  4. The unimaginable [12:16]
  5. National security [11:08]
  6. A silent response [6:45]
  7. The Roswell desert [7:40]
  8. Sacrificed [14:10]
  9. The Roswell post-reflection [7:40]
Johan Tronestam introduces his second label album under the title "Roswell". In his own words he sais: The album Roswell has been in my mind for many years, to create a music album about the incident in New Mexico 1947 The first track for the project was created in March 2014 The incident in Roswell has created echoes in the rest of the world. From a news program on the radio 1947 to a world full of ideas, witnesses, facts, documentaries, books, movies, conspiracy theories, etc. I take no personal position, but I'm full of questions that have not received any answer despite government information and denial. Why should witnesses, residents, military personnel and radio owners be less credible than the state? Obviously, these were a lot of unrealistic witness stories, but aside from them persists ordinary people who experienced something different to the everyday life My thoughts often go to the RAAF Major Jesse Marcel who had to bear an unacceptable load for life