1. Farshadow [9:41]
  2. Gossamer Mechanics [6:53]
  3. Pacifica [12:35]
  4. Port of Call [11:49]
  5. Shizen [12:28]
  6. Shores of Symmetry [10:36]
Limited edition, silver manufactured CD. Collectors art edition housed in a lustrous, hinged rectangular tin with window displaying the CD & credits sticker on back panel. Charting his unique journey across the dub-techno matrix, Within Reason returns with his third and best album to date, bridging the categorical expanse between emotive texture and gravitational motion.

Within Reason is the nom de disque of Gregory Kyryluk, who also composes achingly original, folded-space music as Alpha Wave Movement. Processing aberrant, mutant strains of post-Augustus Pablo dub with the latest state-of-the-art dreadnought synthesis, Within Reason travels through boulevards adjunct to the Basic Channel/Chain Reaction contingent, ingeniously devising a highly unique take on the now well-worn ambientdubtechno soundgrid.