1. Prologue1:04
  2. First Man [5:44]
  3. Incitation8:55
  4. Home3:25
  5. Time [4:27]
  6. Lightrays3:19
  7. Jubilo3:27
  8. Nightfall4:50
  9. 20197:56
The 2017 concept album by the Amnis Initiative. Released on CD with a bonus DVD for the 5.1 surround mixes, and in stereo through all the usual digital channels, or 5.1 surround Flac files on Sellfy.com and surroundmusic.one. Melodic and emotive instrumental electronic music exploring the corners of the electronic music genre to meet one common standard: To sound cinematic.


The tracks on this album don't belong to one single genre. To the contrary, they freely and purposefully explore completely different galaxies in the vast universe of electronic music. It's not a shared style, consistent pace or characteristic sound that binds this music together.

Instead, each track tries to meet just one criterion: Is it cinematic? Does it tell a story, and does it do so in a cinematic spirit? Cinematic as a feeling, a quality, a direction, or cinematic in scope or ambition. Cinematic music might be infused with a heightened sense of reality. It may carefully construct one or more plotlines. It could have a visual quality or it might subtly emphasize a certain dramatic angle. Or, it may just... sound cinematic!