1. Report
  2. Dilectric
  3. Season of the bitch
  4. Shingle robe
  5. phenomenon
  6. Psycho harmony
  7. mesocarp blues
  8. subtaneous star
  9. wacky amoebatrons
  10. erusamu basement
Behind the Cosmic Ground project is the key press Dirk Jan Müller, who in the last 30 years with his band Electric Orange in the area Psychedelic/Krautrock/Electronics has released a number of recordings. The idea for the project had existed since 2001. But it would take until 2012/13 for the first album to be realised. But as early as 1990 to 1992 there was electronic music by Dirk Jan Müller in the form of cassettes, which were still common at the time.

As with Electric Orange, Cosmic Ground is mainly used analog synthesizers and modular systems, mellotron, 1960s Farfisa organs, analog string ensembles from the 70s, as well as bass and guitar. The mostly very dark music is 99% electronic in nature, supplemented by some self-recorded atmospheres from different environments that have been electronically processed.

All recordings were made in the band's own studio and in Dirk Jan Müller's home studio in Aachen from August to December 2021.

The 6 tracks on the album "Isolate" offer a musical spectrum from polyrhythmic sequencer lines combined with real tape echo, ambient and free format atmospheres to polyphonic and multiply modulated drones. All in the sound of the 1970s. You'll look in vain for preset sounds from digital synthesizers or the prefabricated loops and sequences that are common these days; analog sequencers dominate.

The cover artwork of the meanwhile 7th studio album was created for the first time by the French artist Thierry Moreau, known for his work for Univers Zero, Neuschwanstein or Heldon. It underlines the dark mood of the music.