1. Twilight [3:34]
  2. Innovation [5:12] MP3 soundclip of Innovation [1:00]
  3. Second Step [7:33]
  4. Paradise Island [3:30]
  5. Fusions [12:08]
  6. Place Of Mystery [7:53]
  7. Transformation [4:41]
  8. Evolution [12:26]
  9. Birth of Atmosphere [13:23]
  10. Open End [2:23]
Lots of sequences,choirs and guitar sounds.
Cover Artwork by Driftin' Thoughts. Distant bells, dark drones, and ominous choirs begin Evolution. But the evil portent belies the harnessed musical energy which is carefully, thoughtfully released over the course of this thematic work.

A somber "Twilight" gives way to "Innovation," a lighter, almost playful piece, with crisp bell tones ringing over a raw, edgy synth sound and a rollicking beat. The music is very electronic, with a fair amount of sequencing, but the music is composed, too structured to be considered typical Teutonic, though it does have leanings in that direction. "Second Step" pulls back the energy again, albeit slightly, and goes with a more dramatic feel, similar perhaps to some of Mark Shreeve's material.
Titles like "Paradise Island" tend to adequately reflect the musical mood. "Fusions" surprises with its dominant lead guitar searing into the mix, though electronics take center stage soon enough, with a crisp, strong sequence and a dramatic, stair-stepping organ lead. Otarion does a good job of placing the highs and lows. The very relaxed "Place of Mystery" is followed by the upbeat "Transformation," which could pass for an Andy Pickford piece.

The disc reminds me a lot of Shamall's polished rock-synth epic Influences. The notes are almost too perfectly placed, but carefully thought out and skillfully rendered.

2000. Phil Derby / Sequences Magazine