1. Yesterday (Music Box)
  2. Ayumi's Butterflies
  3. No More Candles Burning
  4. Lady Monk
  5. Carmel Calif
  6. After The Call
  7. Hyper Sphinx
  8. Midwinter Night
  9. One Night In Space
  10. Part Of Logos
  11. Navel Of Light (Part 2)
  12. Elf June And The Midnight Patrol
  13. Nutshell Awakening
  14. Iguana
  15. Story Of The Brave
  16. Bells Of Accra

  17. Girl On The Stairs
  18. Streethawk
  19. Teetering Scales
  20. La Libération
Recorded 7th of October at the Alte Oper Frankfurt, Germany
Produced and directed by Edgar Froese

Edgar Froese - keyboards
Iris Camaa - percussion, V-drums
Linda Spa - flute, saxophon, keyboards, musicbox
Throsten Quaeschning - keyboards
Bernhard Beibl - elctric & acoustic guitar, keyboards

From Linda Spa's music box playing at the beginning of the concert on October 7th 2007 up to the last chord you will hear and see everything happens during and behind the gig at the Alte Oper in Frankfurt.
Interesting back projections, lasers and generic lights will be an entertaining addition whether you've seen the show live or watch it for the first time via your home cinema.

Good old "hits" by TD will be alternated and supported by some brand-new stuff composed for the gig.
Images from backstage and 'making of' sequences can be seen as a summary of a great "night at space" including the safe and comfortable landing. Enjoy this Tangerine Dream landmark!

2007. Press Information In My humble opinion - the best TD DVD 'till now (finally without tracks from Optical Race :-)))
Carmel Calif - an excellent new track in the spirit of the 80's TD (sounding a little bit like Calymba Caly).

2008. Robert / Hungary