1. An Aborted Beginning [1:34]
  2. Says [8:18]
  3. Said And Done [9:39]
  4. Went Missing [4:59]
  5. Familiar [5:38]
  6. Improvisation For Coughs And A Cell Phone [6:44]
  7. Hammers [3:48]
  8. For – Peter – Toilet Brushes – More [16:49]
  9. Over There, Its Raining [3:07]
  10. Unter – Tristana – Ambre [11:43]
  11. Ross's Harmonium [3:51]
There is an immediate difference between a live recording and a studio crafted album. Although a replay on my audiophile grade stereo and headphones does not exactly capture the energy created in the space occupied by this pianist, it does, nevertheless, bring me closer to the feelings that I have experienced in his presence. And that emotion nearly brings me to tears. Even now, as I close my eyes, and the music fills my living room, I can picture Frahm hunched over the instrument, a drop of sweat glistening at the tip of his nose, fingers effortlessly gliding over the ivory keys, making love to the audience through his music. Finally, unable to restrain himself any longer, Frahm begins to hum along with the melody…

Compiled from over thirty live concerts recorded in the last few years (2012-2013), this extremely self-critical and amazingly very modest composer selects eleven pieces for this special Erased Tapes release. Spaces is essentially a collection of Frahm’s favorite and best performances, featuring a variety of room textures, ambiance, recording techniques, and instruments. The recording also captures a unique experience shared between the performer and his audience, no doubt adding a little something to this very special exchange existing in one single rare moment.

If, by chance, Spaces happens to be the very first record which you pick up by Nils Frahm, I must proclaim to be extremely jealous – you have a beautiful and highly rewarding journey ahead of you, my friend. Among the many favorites, I highly recommend that you travel through Wintermusik (2009), The Bells (2010), Felt (2011), and Screws (2012), all available on the wonderful Erased Tapes Records. And of course, be sure to catch Nils Frahm in person, at least once in your lifetime! A standing ovation for Spaces from me – just like at the end of each and every Frahm concert.