CD #1
  1. Trauma
  2. Serpent Magique
  3. Terra Coda
  4. No Man's Land
  5. Sally's Garden
  6. Hyperborea 2008
  7. Sphinx Lightning Part 1
  8. Carmel California
  9. Leviathan
  10. Wisdom And Tragedy
    CD #2
  1. Blue Bridge
  2. Fire On The Mountain
  3. Leaving The Masters For Good
  4. Cinnamon Road
  5. Hunter Shot By Yellow Rabbit
  6. The Last Soldier
  7. Wu-Wei
  8. Sphinx Lightning Part 2
  9. Going West
  10. Point Of No Return
  11. Loved By The Sun
    CD #3
  1. Love On A Real Train
  2. Streethawk
  3. Sadness Of Echnaton Losing The World Child
  4. One Night In Space
  5. Tomorrow Never Knows
  6. Cloudburst Flight 2008
'THE LONDON EYE CONCERT' was recorded during Tangerine Dream's live concert at the FORUM at London-Kentishtown on 1st November 2008.

London's and TD's soundscapes are so unique like a score to a movie. The British influence in TD's music within their 40 years' development most people may have recognised. For those who couldn't join the concert or like to relive it again: Here's the full cut of their beat show at the Forum in Kentishtown (including a nice booklet).

A kaleidoscope beginning with the new title "Trauma" (Autumn In Hiroshima) and ending with the breathtaking live interpretation of the TD classic "Cloudburst Flight".
Enjoy a great concert - nearly 3 hours with a very fresh mastering.

2009. Press Information In the early years a live album from TD,due to different reasons, was always different. From the 90's on it seemed to be always the same stuff, perfectly played but yet the same stuff.
Nevertheless it didn't stop me from loving their outputs over the last years.

But this one's different, disc 1 and 2 cover TD's recent years with some tracks from the early years. But it's disc 3 that makes this set so interesting, old and new in a very rocking style.

Listen to this before you intend creating music.

Birthdayboy / Belgium