CD #1
  1. Halcyon [13:43] MP3 soundclip of Halcyon [1:00]
  2. Conundrum [7:35]
  3. Shifting Sands [14:56]
  4. Walking with Ghosts [12:48]
  5. Foundry [5:40] MP3 soundclip of Foundry [0:42]
    CD #2
  1. Trinity [19:28]
  2. Virupaksha [7:58]
  3. State of Bliss [14:39]
  4. Elemental [8:46] MP3 soundclip of Elemental [0:42]
  5. Comets [7:04]
  6. Sehnsucht [8:13] MP3 soundclip of Sehnsucht [0:36]
The 'Trinity' of Ian Boddy, Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock and David Wright present melodic instrumental, electronic music in the classic space music style, with infectious rhythms, glorious themes and loads of atmosphere, The music and indeed the entire performance, is all imbued by a strong sense of the three individual musicians.
However, the music is expertly disciplined to present a strong sense of the collective 'Trinity' and will not only appeal to fans of the three individual musicians, but should find favour with all fans of instrumental music with substance and style. Featuring stunning new takes on classic tracks from the extensive back catalogue of all three musicians, plus the awesome collaborative title track, this is electronic music to savor and enjoy! Recorded at the Festival of September 2009 at the Derby Guildhall, the music has been eq’d and digitally mastered with only minor edits to the actual performance

2010. Press Information Trinity is a fantastic collaboration combining three dominant forces in electronic music circles over the years, captured live at the Music Festival in September 2009. This set of live reinterpretations of some of their best solo recordings is available as either an MP3 download or a 2 CDR set. Boddy’s superb synths and sequencing, Wright’s soaring melodies, and Hoffmann-Hoock’s expressive guitar playing form a perfect EM triangle.

"Halcyon" a perfect example of the synergy from these three artists, as Hoffmann-Hoock’s dreamy guitar playing perfectly complements the light and airy atmosphere of the synths. Though starting in relaxed mode, it builds quite nicely into a warm, moderately energetic piece. "Conundrum" is the eastern-tinged title track from Klaus’ collaboration with Bernhard Wöstheinrich, and this live rendition gives it just a little extra oomph. Punchy synths and a soaring lead line drive "Shifting Sands" forward, one of several tracks that allow plenty of room to explore the sonic space before moving on to the next. David Wright’s classic "Walking With Ghosts" is beautifully rendered here as well, moving and majestic. "Foundry" is a signature Boddy piece from his Elemental album, with the edgy aggressive style reminiscent of his work with Mark Shreeve as ARC. The title track is a new 19-minute Berlin school piece that chugs along just as it should.

In short, this is an outstanding summary of the body of work of these three, and I can’t imagine a fan of melodic Berlin school EM wanting to be without this.

2010. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space