CD #1
    I Was Dreaming I Was Awake...
  1. I Was Dreaming I Was Awake [7:10]
  2. And Then I Woke Up [8:15]
  3. And Found Myself Asleep [9:26]
  4. The Real McCoy [12:54]
    Tempus fugit
  5. Time Never Dies [13:10]
  6. The Age Of Shopping [13:14]
  7. Dynamo [14:19]
  8. Interview 1970 [0:24]
    CD #2
  1. Mit Jungen Augen [9:30]
  2. Es Ist Abend [5:48]
  3. Ob es Regnet [7:37]
  4. Heisser Tag [8:41]
  5. Study For Brian Eno [7:20]
    Cyborgs Traum
  6. Fuzzy Logic [9:39]
  7. Gasten Slowly [10:39]
  8. Feed Your Head [7:38]
  9. Electric Dream [11:19]
    CD #3
    Die Kunst, hundert Jahre alt zu werden
  1. Frühlicht [3:28]
  2. Etude Pour Une Fin Du Monde [10:06]
  3. Bruitismus [9:58]
  4. Die Kultpumpe [3:33]
  5. Loch Im Meer [1:53]
  6. Maschinenspiele [15:11]
  7. Die Grüne Leiche [7:08]
  8. Gesang Zur Dämmerung [12:52]
  9. Study For Terry Riley [5:08]
  10. Les Jockeys Camouflés [8:03]
Originally part of the Ultimate Edition.

What started as an experiment has increased to a giant sound cosmos over the years. On "La Vie Electronique" you have the chance to experience this progression with rare recordings that haven't been released on the regular albums.
"La Vie Electronique" was first published as a strictly limited 50 CD-Box and will be released now in chronological order in 3CD-sets including some material never released before.
This first set contains pieces recorded between 1969 and 1972 with very simple tools like the Teisco Organ - but with a big vision.

Press Information It all started about 40 years ago. I suppose you could call it an accident. In the years before, when I still went to school, I had some guitar training. And then I played acoustic guitar for about six years. Also I fooled around with the electric guitar, playing music of The Shadows or The Spotnicks. Then I started with drums. My brother was a drummer in a jazz band, so I thought that drumming would be more pleasant than playing guitar.
After that I was drumming in the avantgarde/free rock trio PSY FREE, then TANGERINE DREAM, and in August 1970 I founded ASH RA TEMPEL. One day I said to myself 'Okay, it's all pretty and normal music, but I want to do something special. I should change instruments.' That was when I started with keyboards. I didn’t know anything about keyboards. I had an old, small, used, electric Teisco home organ. And I had my drumming experiences, and a few special ideas: a kind of dream that I couldn’t explain then, or now. So I started something new. A leap in the dark.

Klaus Schulze