1. Vorklang [4:59] MP3 soundclip of Vorklang [1:00]
  2. Klangbild Satz I [8:16]
  3. Klangbild Satz II [8:16] MP3 soundclip of Satz 2 [1:00]
  4. Klangbild Satz III [5:54]
  5. Klangbild Satz IV [6:17]
  6. Klangbild Satz V [7:42]
  7. Klangbild Satz VI [4:28]
  8. Klangbild Satz VII [5:50] MP3 soundclip of Satz 7 [1:00]
  9. Klangbild Satz VIII [1:31]
  10. Nachklang [5:10]
Music composed, produced and arranged by Adreas Akwara

Actually matter is nothing more than vibration. Everything we see, or can not see, is an accumulation of vibrations. Tiny particles vibrate, thus creating an interaction which, in summary, makes up every atom, each molecule, everything we define as matter or energy. Thus the manifestation of all this vibration is what we can see or feel. This vibration can be in harmony or not. Being harmonic or not, being in resonance or destroying one another. The basis is however pure particle vibration, leading to energy that we can feel or see. On a four dimensional interstellar basis, we find here the secrets for understanding a coming unified field theory, merging quantum mechanics and the general theory of relativity. This is the mystery behind this album that I called Klangbild

2011. Andreas Akwara I just can't believe what i'm hearing. Klangbild Satz 2, 3 , 5 and Nachklag are from outer space. Especially Satz 2 and 5 are about the best pieces of electronic or instrumental music i've ever heard! who the hell is this guy?

2011. William / USA "Klangbild" is the follow-up album of Akwara's "Reinheit". Being a Jarre fan I very much love the sound textures Akwara uses in both albums, which certainly have that certain "something" you cannot describe. That "something" is the huge difference between tons of EM albums available today and the work of a musical genius. "Reinheit" got me to notice this German composer giving me the feeling of a new artist having that seldom certain feeling, not just being a copy cat of something already there, but someone with a unique style. Now listening to "Klangbild" I am absolutely overwhelmed with positive emotions.

Klangbild Satz I, II, III, IV, V, VIII and "Nacklang" are top- notch tracks of extremely high density and quality. Actually they are very close to what Jarre did with Oxygene, but not as a copy but a fantastic modern variation of notes and sound structures. Many portions are highly hypnotic and the sub-sonic effects hit your spirit and heart. I feel a slight set back in quality during track (Satz) VI and maybe VII to be honest- however I feel human. I should note that I cannot help to feel a spiritual touch to the music of this artist. Andreas Akwara seems to have a message in his music. Maybe his philosophic words in the inlay serve as a means of bringing human beings in a different state of mind..... maybe a message from some distant planet..... I still wonder.

I have actually spend some time thinking about the greatest EM Releases I know. Oxygene and Equinoxe are still to be placed on top of the list. I am actually considering to place Akwara "Klangbild" on position three of all time great EM releases.

2011. Brad Hansen / Germany / USA