1. Surreal Dreams Part I (Science)
  2. Surreal Dreams Part II (Visions)
  3. Surreal Dreams Part III (3 Spheres)
  4. Hydrothermal Springs Part I to III
  5. The Real 9 11
  6. Surreal Dreams Part IV (alternate Rules)
  7. Surreal Dreams Part V (The End)
Uwe Reckzeh answers. Almost three years ago, the Westphalian musician published his last work in Berlin School Style with "Surreal Dreams". One preliminary: When recognizing his current 2018 album "Surreal Dreams" ever full score. Reckzeh's style is inimitable. Nevertheless, fans will discover many new features. "Surreal Dreams" is more musical. It could also be said that it is more human. This makes "Surreal Dreams" less perfect than "Surreal Dreams" and that's exactly what makes this new album different. It seems that Reckzeh's new music is more random. This is not only nice but also very exciting. You never know what will happen next. Nevertheless, the entire album retains its "flow". Nothing is "perfect" down to the last detail. Corners and edges are desired. Chaos and order are directly opposite. In interaction, all 7 tracks seem to be from one piece. This "Surreal Dreams" is supported by a maximum of varied monotony, as only Reckzeh mastered. With "Surreal Dreams" Uwe Reckzeh once again succeeded in creating an extraordinary and special album in Berlin's school style, which stands in clear contrast to the countless 08/15 breakfast productions. Is not it the un-perfect thing that makes things special? This is fresh Berlin school in perfection.