1. Eden: Ohrwurm [15:25]
  2. Into The Realms Of Bodhicitta [4:16]
  3. Beyond Mind And Matter: A Spirit Odyssey [16:40]
It is 2016 and when Stroom.tv and Kunstencentrum Vooruit joined hands to organize that year’s Full Moon Healing they asked Bruno Coussée (Manngold, Rheinzand) to provide an opening act for headliners Gigi Masin and Laraaji. He then turned to Marcus Scheibmaier and Steve Slingeneyer (One Man Party, WWWater, ex-Soulwax) explaining his vision for a musical poem, a sonic tale of the Universe. The three embarked on a journey being joined by visual artist Lies Dierckx , her refreshing ideas and imagery becoming a main character in the concept: E I L A N D was born.

The four worked out a plot that became a success live at the event, immersing the magnificent Domzaal at Kunstencentrum Vooruit in a simmering bath of audio-visual radiation. They then decided to have the whole experience properly recorded in both sound and vision, resulting in the E I L A N D

The sound of E I L A N D can be described as “Ambient structures folding into organic pulses urging into ancient prayers creating mechanical arpeggiated polygons crashing in deep space releasing cosmic emptiness”, all this in a mere forty minutes still leaving you time to do the dishes or feed the cat.

A tour of the screening of the E I L A N D movie will take place in 2019 having its premiere on the release of the album on the B-Wave Festival in Heusden-Zolder on December the 1st 2018

E I L A N D is dedicated to the memory of Patrick "Kosmos" Wille-De Wael, Rest In Space.

Marcus Scheibmaier : synthesizers, keyboard & sequencer programming
Steve Slingeneyer : electronic & acoustic percussion, drum loops
Bruno Coussée : voices, electric bass, all guitar treatments, mellotron, loops & additional percussion

Recorded & engineered by Marcus Scheibmaier during 2016-17
Mixed by Stephane Misseghers
Mastered by Gert Van Hoof for Cochlea Mastering
Artwork by LiZenZo, excerpts/stills from E I L A N D - The Movie by Lies Dierckx
Produced by Bruno Coussée