1. Erwachet Part 1 [4:02] MP3 soundclip of Part 1 [1:00]
  2. Erwachet Part 2 [10:44]
  3. Erwachet Part 3 [9:40]
  4. Erwachet Part 4 [9:55]
  5. Erwachet Part 5 [5:26]
  6. Erwachet Part 6 [7:23] MP3 soundclip of Part 6 [1:00]
  7. Erwachet Part 7 [7:17]
  8. Erwachet Part 8 [4:02]
  9. Erwachet Part 9 [5:24] MP3 soundclip of Part 9 [1:00]
Composed and performed by Andreas Akwara There is music. There is good music. Year! And there is music which seems to have that "certain something" to it. The hypnotic "Satz III". The Jarre like "Satz 5, 6 and 7"! They somehow seem to posses some hidden energy inside. Pushing through your skin! Penetrating you. Entering your heart and soul.

Then that strange spiritual message in the inlay. Don't know how to pronounce ERWACHET. But a hell of a cool dj's-delight! Apart from Satz 4 that is.....

2010. djfontana / UK The newest CD from Andreas Akwara is divided into nine parts, or rather, "satzen", as they are called in the booklet. With an artwork strongly inspired by Jean-Michel Jarre's "Oxygene" one would think of it being a warm and melodic synth affair.

And indeed, Satz 1 starts with very Jarre-like sounds (ala "Oxygene"/"Equinoxe" intros). However, melodic sequences are introduced almost straight away, with rich brassy synths supporting the pulsations. Warm pads serve as the transition to the next part. This time the mood is much more restrained and meditative. The beginning is very quiet, with only a couple of pads and subtle effects. The intensity grows but the track retains its ambient, relaxing quality.
Satz 3 introduces a starker tone, with fat sawy synths and a gritty sequence in the background. A rapid rhythm starts, while the track gets overloaded with all types of (strictly) synthetic sounds. Nice noisy track for a change and pretty unique in Andreas' oeuvre.
Satz 4 returns to the more serene realms, with ethereal pads and some percolating analog arpeggios. It has a sort of symphonic grandeur that is quite prominent in many Vangelis works. A nice electric piano sound makes an appearance but remains buried in the mix. Lots of gorgeous and fat CS-80-like timbres make this track a joy to listen to.
Sazt 5 begins with insistent chords and twittering effects. It then develops into a typical Andreas Akwara space track with a fast underlying rhythm. The sound is rich, warm and intense. Fine stuff to relax to. The sixth part returns to darker realms, with all sorts of effects serving as the backbone for rich symphonic synthesizers. Suddenly, the tone of the rack changes completely and a very uplifting and cheerful theme is introduced, supported by a simple sequence.
The seventh part takes us to weirder structures and atmospheres. The sequence sounds half-muted and the pads adopt a darker image, with even a few guitar or banjo-like sounds that Andreas uses in an unusual way. Definitely the most interesting track of the alum. What I certainly didn't expect to hear were the Classical samples at the beginning of Sazt 8. And yet the operatic mode this intro sets, continues throughout the track, with even the marching drums making a not so subtle appearance, as the synths sound very brassy and pronouncedly aggressive. The last part continues the military theme introduced earlier, this time sounding more distant, less in-yer-face and with Gregorian samples largely replacing the brassy synths. The track becomes more solemn towards the very end.

"Erwachtet" is an interesting work that sees Andreas trying new things, as well as doing what he does best - flowing and melodic Space Music. It will appeal to a wide audience.

2010. Artemi Pugachov / Encyclopedia of Electronic Music This release from 2010 offers 63 minutes of majestic electronic music. The term "erwachet" refers to the evolution of the mind to a state of spiritual awakening.

Regal electronics are keynote in this recording. From stately atmospheric backdrops to sweeping thematic electronics to expressive keyboards, Akwara displays an inspired mastery for creating electronic music that is enthralling and quite epic in stature.
The electronics are rich with soul-stirring depth. Deeply resonant textures unfurl to fill the air with their velvet presence. Impelling tonalities rise into play, flooding the music with a sense of portentous grandeur. Galvanized pulsations emerge to temper the flow with dogmatic sentiments.
Keyboards produce bewitching riffs, usually of a sedate nature, lingering through sustained extensions to smolder with magnificent results. The layering of these insightful riffs achieves a mesmerizing rapture. Auxiliary effects provide constant enhancement, preventing the riffs from becoming staid or predictable. While percussive elements are employed, their appearance is strategically positioned to heighten the music's eminence. These rhythms never achieve an in-your-face definition, preferring to churn deep within the mix where their influence is often subliminal.

These compositions are dedicated to aiding the listener unlock their inherent psychological potential. Harmonic passages instill a tantalizing expectancy, one that amply pays off in the ensuing melodic structures that follow.

2010. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity