1. Restrained Prelude [10:02]
  2. Spätsommermorgen [13:10]
  3. Develoope [9:17]
  4. Durchreise [13:40]
  5. Sunoke Bites [12:35]
  6. In Gedankin [12:08]
My EM project "Kellerkind Berlin" started in a boiler room in Berlin. Here I could try out experimenting with composition strategies, make noise and then just let everything stand. With two identical cassette recorders I was able to make the first multi-track recordings. ... long, smoky nights. Many years later, I started to take the European Championship seriously. Great software now allows me to easily make multi-track recordings. I can now import my musical thoughts live, add more tracks and edit. All recordings basically come out of the moment. Current themes, moods, but also the sounds of the instruments, determine the development process of my pieces.

Since 2013 I publish my EM. It has become around 16 albums, which also receive a pleasant positive response. The Internet broadcaster Modul303.com supports the EM scene here. In 2015 and 2016, my music was nominated for the Schallwelle Award. With the label Kissing Sounds I try to reach a wider audience outside the internet. This album "Songs for Traveling ..." is my first pressed CD.

With my music I move in the areas of "Berlin School", ambient, dark ambient, but also influences from folk and jazz and the experimental field of the EM flow into my pieces. However, I find it difficult to assign my music to a specific direction ... I am just doing "Kellerkind Berlin". Enough of the words ... I wish you much joy listening to my musical thoughts.

Kellerkind Berlin (Christian Gorsky)