1. Travelling Light [58:16]
Recorded at the E-day festival, this consists of two long tracks. The almost hour long title track slowly builds up a polyrhythmic jigsaw of sequencer patterns, like a sculptor hunting for the form buried in a slab of marble. Or something. The band were given a pretty free hand as to timing so the music has time to breathe and develop. On the day, the set was even longer but a section that was a little sparse due to technical difficulties has been compressed. Despite the time warping it's all here!

The coda to this, Convoi Exceptionel (a bonus track to try to thwart the pirates. It won't work, of course) took place as the encore. With the energy still high from the main set, there's no let up and it's straight into modular-fuelled sequencer heaven again. But just in case that sounds a bit one-dimension, don't worry. The ever shifting sequencers serve as a backdrop for some of the most intense playing seen at an airsculpture concert. Vast phasing pads, wailing leads, it's all here.