1. Calumet
  2. Morpheus' Light
  3. Phantoms And Oracles
  4. Mona Da Vinci
  5. In The Storm Of Serenity
  6. Hunting For Illusions
This CUPDISC (EP) "Mona Da Vinci" doesn't sound like Mona Lisa's smile looks like - but the music on this brand-new disc is also very mystical and full of surprises. Five of the six tracks have never been released before and "Calumet" does only exist in a live version. Enjoy for example a brilliant guitar solo on "Phantoms and Oracles" by one of TD's guest guitarists Zlatko Perica. Delight in this special cupdisc - a true option for future dreams and realities!:-) PS: This will be the first CUPDISC (EP) coming in a JEWEL CASE packaging - NOT in a cardboard sleeve!

2011. Press Information It took me some time before reviewing this last CupDisc from the gang of Edgar Froese. After 2 superb albums in 'The Island of The Fay' and 'The Angel of the West Window', as well as a very good CupDisc (The Gate of Saturn), 'Mona Da Vinci' fell me in the ears with the effect of a cold shower by a chilly weather. I found that Edgar goes round in circles by undoing his musical ties and by falling again in his moods of candy rock electronic of the Miramar years. But with some additional listenings, I noticed that 'Mona Da Vinci' was hiding some nice musical pearls. Now, knowing that the fans of the Dream already hurled themselves on 'Mona Da Vinci', whom addresses this review? Bah Ö Maybe it could influence the choices of the thinkers of Eastgate during the selection of another compilation or another Booster!

Played for the first time during the concert of Manchester, "Calumet" begins with undulating pulsations ŗ la Flashpoint. Echoing percussions and sequences pounding on two ways shape a rhythmic skeleton which collides against the stream on more sober keyboard riffs. Without breaking the walls and with a typical melodious approach in what Edgar lays since moons, "Calumet" pours without getting noticed too much and depicts the atmosphere maybe too much calculated which reigns over 'Mona Da Vinci'. I think in particular of the title track which is submerged by a ghostly aura. An aura of mystery which glides over a rhythmic structure going round and round. That doesnít mean that itís not good, itís just that itís too familiar and that we already heard it so many times in the late TD years. Noticed that its progression ("Mona Da Vinci") is all the same rather appealing. The longer title on this last Tangerine Froeseís CupDisc, "Morpheus ' Light" is simply wonderful. Of long and suave angelic breaths cast a little bit of dark breezes on an intro which progresses such as a slow crescendo on a nest of percussions and sequences typical to the bipolar rhythms of the Dream. Edgar weaves a super melodious theme subdivided by resonant sequences and riffs which fall on other sequences pounding frenziedly under the breaths and winds of a poetic synth. Itís a splendid track where sequences strum a motionless rhythm. A rhythm trapped in a superb musical fauna which sounds so much like good old TD. Outstanding! "Phantoms and Oracles (Guitar version)" is an alternate version of "Midas Touch", appeared on 'The Hollywood Years Vol. 2' in 1998. Itís a big electronic rock from the Rockoon years. Sequences and hopping percussions forge an unbridled rhythm and the electric guitar of Zlatko Perica spits furious and incisive solos. "In The Storm of Serenity" is a beautiful ballad introduced on a slow rhythm. Surrounded by heterogeneous tones, the percussions are stunning and fall with imagination while the guitar sculpts great languishing solos. This is a nice track which hooks the hearing instantly. "Hunting for Illusions" ends 'Mona Da Vinci' with a hyper-unbridled rhythmic approach where heavy sequences, slamming percussions and a starving bass line build a heavy and stormy rhythm. Mysterious, the synth throws good dark veils and short soloing breaths giving to "Hunting for Illusions" a harmonious depth which harmonizes pleasantly to its furious pace.

Itís a good think that I had to listen 'Mona Da Vinci' a bit more before doing a final review, because itís not as fade as it may sounds on first hearings. In fact itís an honest CupDisc which has its failures as well as its small favourites, and this over and above the fact that "Morpheus ' Light" is totally brilliant and a pearl lost in a boiling sea of rhythms as superficial as well polished up.

2012. Sylvain Lupari / gutsofdarkness.com & synth&sequences.com