1. Outside SPACE (deconstructed [5:37]
  2. Inside Space (in the club [5:01]
  3. Perfect Stranger (Season 2 [7:32]
  4. Caught by Melancholy (against all odds [7:44]
  5. Cosmic Thunder (Carpenters [6:51]
  6. I remembered tomorrow (Kiss me tonight [7:07]
  7. L I F O (epic [6:41]
  8. Schnurstraks (deaerated [6:57]
  9. Zwischenspiel00:56
  10. Good bye Elements (space travelers [6:19]
  11. Now and then (Nice [5:58]
  12. Years later (Ich bin alleine [6:34]
This album is a live-recording from the concert „ELECTRONIC MUSIC 2“ on March 3 at Planetarium Münster, Germany. It contains the first half of the concert with music from moonbooter. The songs on this album were taken from the original albums „moonbooter - Cosmosonic“ and „moonbooter - Zeitenwende“ Many thanks to the crew of the Planetarium Münster, my wife and my son for all the help, to the second act Pyramaxx, and to all our guests of this great evening. I had a BLACKOUT on my notebook during this performance. This is cutted out and filled with the second try. Gently revised. There is no clapping or any other room noices of the audience inside this recording. Also the pauses between some tracks are cutted out. EVIL 18DE EVIL is a kind of palindrom. Simply read it backwards. 18 stands for 2018. DE for Deutschland