1. The Alien [9:57]
  2. Desire [11:25] MP3 soundclip of Desire [3:00]
  3. Floating [7:44]
  4. Chamaeleon [19:44]
  5. The Sirius Mystery [9:32]
  6. A Dream Is Always A Dream [11:29]
Second solo album of Pyramid Peak member Axel Stupplich. This Beauty Has a Perfect Reminder of Klaus Schulze Body Love VOL 1, Awesome Atmosphere Flowing Waves. :)

2005. Mike Costa / USA This is the second solo album by Axel Stupplich, the main man for Pyramid Peak and itís a powerhouse work literally overflowing with heavy sequences and dark layers of electronic sound currents. He blends dense ambient passages, with balls to the wall rhythms and undulations filled with spatial synthetics. If your head needs a vacation for the normal world, turn on tune in and take off with this CD.

Archie Patterson