1. Bekki Williams - Sub Aqua [2:02]
  2. Kobolt Projekt - Ocean of Light [6:20]
  3. Code Indigo - 24 AM [6:00]
  4. Robert Fox - Queen of Hearts [5:34]
  5. David Wright - Beyond Paradise [5:44]
  6. Bekki Williams - In the Arms of Morpheus [5:48]
  7. David Wright - A Certain Malaise [2:15]
  8. Witchcraft - Ultraviolet [4:02]
  9. Robert Fox - And All Shall Be Well [4:37]
  10. Raviv Gazit - OV 1 [2:34]
  11. Code Indigo - Code 14 [6:18]
  12. Robert Fox - Water Muisc [3:54]
  13. Code Indigo - Stasis [3:33]
  14. Callisto - Elara [5:16]
  15. Enterphase - Snow Paths [4:06]
  16. David Wright - Walking with Ghosts [5:06]
  17. Witchcraft - We Rest [4:26]
  18. Catalin - Postlude [1:46]
Embark on a journey that is as mystical as the title implies. "Ocean of Light" is that rarity - a tour de force of truly memorable themes filled with such depth and emotion that you will be transported beyond the farthest reaches of your imagination.
Gently rhythmic, melodic music that overflows with atmosphere and musical brilliance. This album will soothe and inspire in equal measure and ticks all the boxes from 'Ambient' to 'Electronic' and from 'Chill Out' to 'New Age'.
If you're looking for instrumental music of the highest quality and substance, music that is guaranteed to touch your soul from renowned composers like Robert Fox, Bekki Williams, David Wright and others, on one of the worlds foremost labels, then "Ocean of Light" will not disappoint.

2004. Press Information This CD contains a selection of pieces from some of the most important albums released by this label. Most of the 18 pieces included in it range between Atmospheric Pop and New Instrumental Music.
Also there are some traits from Ambient, Space Sequencer Music and other varied elements that contribute to enrich these pieces.
The contents of the CD is as follows:
Bekki Williams: "Sub Aqua". Kobolt: "Ocean of Light". Code Indigo: "24 AM". Robert Fox: "Queen of Hearts". Catalin: "Beyond Paradise". Bekki Williams: "In the Arms of Morpheus". David Wright: "A Certain Malaise". Withcraft: "Ultraviolet". R.Fox: "And All Shall Be Well". Raviv: "OV 1". Code Indigo: "Code 14". Robert Fox: "Water Muisc". Code Indigo: "Stasis". Callisto: "Elara". Enterphase: "Snow Paths". D.Wright: "Walking with Ghosts". Withcraft: "We Rest". Catalin: "Postlude".

2005. Virginia Tamayo