1. Mantra (Excerpt 1)
  2. Mantra (Excerpt 2)
  3. Mantra (Excerpt 3)
Mantra is a long-form ambient work created using real-time performance techniques. At the base of the work is a specialized computer program for audio processing which treats vocal sounds as live input from a microphone. The singing is analyzed by the program and a real-time accompaniment is created spontaneously, based on the pitch and amplitude of the sung sounds - among other attributes. Resulting sounds are mixed together by the program and form the main structural aspect of the composition.

Mantra is similar to other long-form works such as Music for a Summer Evening, Manifold, Siren (Ambient), Sapphire, and so on, in that the music presents one continual flow throughout the duration of the composition, allowing for highly immersive listening.

Stylistically, the music is droney, minimalist, microtonal in parts, and presents a kind of “sonic tinting” of the auditory environment. Music of this type might best be played at reduced volume settings as a means to generate a sense of atmosphere in physical spaces. Ideal for quiet listening, massage, yoga, introspection, and auditory retreat.

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