1. Disinformatsia Part 1
  2. Disinformatsia Part 2
  3. Disinformatsia Part 3
  4. Disinformatsia Part 4
  5. Ramayana Part 1
  6. Ramayana Part 2
  7. Ramayana Part 3
  8. Ramayana Part 4
  9. Laternentrager Part 1 MP3 soundclip of Laternentrager Part 1 [1:17]
  10. Laternentrager Part 2
Recorded live at the Jodrell Bank Planetarium in England in May 2002. This 72 minute CD from 2002 was recorded live at the Jodrell Bank Planetarium in England in May 2002.

It begins with a glittering waterfall of crystalline electronics, spilling over the audience and readying you for an interstellar voyage. Deeper tonalities emerge, resonating with heavenly demeanor, generating a congenial cloudbank that welcomes the listener to its gently hissing embrace. Cyclic keyboards enter the mix, establishing rhythms with non-percussive sounds. Gradually, non-cyclic keyboards rise from the glistening sonic pool to delineate more forceful expressions, lending the pleasant flow a commanding presence.
All these elements commence an aerial dance that unifies them into a dynamic melody that is packed with drama and appeal.
Periodically, this upward drive abates to pause in atmospheric regions, examining the sonic qualities of breathtaking nebulas, following the gaseous streamers as these cosmic mists expand with the languid grandeur of galactic properties.
These rest-stops along the journey inevitably lead back to energetic passages that are rich with entertaining verve, sparkling with fire that rivals the starlight surrounding the audience. Rapid-fire keyboards emulate this stellar twinkling, as if each distant star pulses with cohesive patterns designed to mesmerize and energize.
Although possessing some Berlin School traits, this music displays a healthy, modern quality that carries a distinctly unique style...surging pulsations that conspire to create electronic tempos of often-frantic pace, interweaving riffs that coalesce into mighty panoramas of sound rich with astral undertones.

M. Howarth / Soniccuriosity This is an incredible album, not least because if it wasn't for Rainbow Serpent having to pull out of their 2002 Jodrell Bank concert it would never have happened! For us listeners it goes to show that every cloud has a silver lining. It was very good of Andy and Paul to accept my offer of filling the gap at such short notice. The music is flowing, sometimes gently but at other times like a raging current. There are elements of trance in here but rhythmically much more inventive and the sequences stronger than much of that style. The melodies are also superb, often subtle but always captivating.

'Disinformatsiya Part 1' begins with soft pads rising out of gentle percussive effects. Its all rather cosmic, that is until a wonderful melodic loop emerges. A slow deep bass line comes in to join it developing all the time, fizzing with awesome energy as we hurtle forwards. The power contrasts with layer after layer of melody which isn't in yer face but never the less gets under the skin.
We return to cosmic atmospherics for the transition to 'Part 2'. A deep pulse beats out time as a melancholy lead line weaves a wonderful spell. A sequence joins it as the pulse speeds up. Just in the background distorted vocals can be heard then we shift up a gear.
'Part 3' is initially rather relaxed but with a feeling of pent up energy which is finally released in the form of the most devastating sequence so far. Its all so cool and trance inducing.
'Part 4' begins with Wolfgand Tiepoldesque cello- very classy and rather moody. Vocoded vocals can be heard but it is difficult to make out what they are saying and another sequence builds, increasing in intensity through the vocal.
Virtual electric guitar then starts to let rip momentarily heightening the excitement still further but just as quickly we enter another atmospheric section heralding 'Ramayana Part 1'. A delicate rhythm emerges out of a haunting solar wind. It has a slightly Eastern feel to it which is emphasized still further when the lead line emerges. The rhythm becomes more prominent but still restrained and the melodies just get better and better. By now I'm in complete bliss. It's a devastating track, rhythm and melodies fitting together perfectly, the combination of sounds chosen being inspired. We get more virtual cello as we move into 'Part 2'. A high register sequence drives things forward over a slow bass throb.
'Part 3' initially features a wonderful virtual acoustic guitar- moody, moody stuff!
The tranquillity is shattered somewhat by a rotor blade type sequence full of attitude which grabs hold only letting go when we descend into eerie atmospherics at the beginning of 'Part 4'. Gradually the track becomes increasingly rhythmic and just when its worked itself up into quite a bubbling brew yet another excellent lead line is tossed in. It gets even better and intense with more blistering virtual electric guitar before calming down to a gentle finish.
'Laternentrager Part 1' begins with flutey synth, gentle melodic pads and an electronic piano type lead but then the sequences start up and what sequences- powerful and wonderfully melodic. Add rhythm, yet more great vocoded vocals- heaven.
'Part 2' starts with solar winds out of which a slow beat forms. It has real attitude and develops into an infectious groove. An ethereal lead line winds round the pulsations hitting the spot perfectly. A sensitive piano melody can be heard in the background which takes us to the end.

DL This album is a recording of a gig Andy Pickford and Paul Nagle performed in 2002 at the Jodrell Bank Planetarium and is quite possibly one of the finest live electronica albums you can hear.
Both of the artists here are established solo acts in the electronica world so it is doubly interesting and challenging to see (and hear, of course) how their music and personal performing styles interact together. Essentially they compliment each other very well, playing to each others' strengths and producing music that is both muscular and timeless. In other words, out of the light and shade this music produces it rocks like hell on the loud bits and is sublimely celestial on the quiet passages.

The album consists of three distinct tracks, each made up of four sections (two on the final track): Disinformatsiya, Ramayana and Latementrager. As these sections and tracks all seamlessly play as a complete sequence it is difficult to pick out the best bits of the best bits (if you follow me) - I can tell you that there is a mildly 'eastern' feel to many of the quiet passages (and even a little tasty Spanish guitar), and the layered samples of voices and other weird stuff make for strong atmospherics.

But it is when the musicians are flying, when the sequencers are riffing like mad, and the synths are rocking that you sit up and know you are listening to something special.