1. Ron Korb - Tokaido [3:12]
  2. Stephen Bacchus - Heiwa [8:15]
  3. Hisamoto Genchi - Graceful Spring [4:04]
  4. Ray Hickey Jr. - Blossom Lullaby [5:49]
  5. Ron Korb - The Legend Of The Heike [4:06]
  6. Pat Clemence - Pagoda [3:59]
  7. Yasuhashi Kengyo - Midare [7:26]
  8. Hiroki Sakaguchi - Kibokkuri [2:50]
  9. Ron Korb - Palace Of Eternal Light [4:25]
  10. Stephen Bacchus - Asian Moon [5:23]
  11. Ron Korb - Kotori [2:15]
  12. Keisuke Doi - Kiso [8:11]
Sampler CD with World/New Age music produced by Stephen Bacchus.
20 Bit Mastering at Quest Recording Studios, Oshawa, Canada by Paul LaChapelle and Ron Korb.
Art direction and design by Carolyn Quan /Studio Q Int'l.
Track 1 recorded live at Mitoshiminkaikan Mito, Japan november 28th 1994.
Track 2 from the album Pangaea.
Track 3 and 7 from the album Evening Snow.
Track 4 from the album Alizarin Sky.
Track 5 from the album Japanese Mysteries.
Track 6 from the album The Silk Orchestra.
Track 9 from the album Tear Of The Sun.
Track 10 from the album Bardo.
Track 11 from the album Flute Traveller.
Track 12 from the album Across The Mountain.
Track 8 composed for this compilation.

Japan is a country of endless fascination and remarkable scenic beauty, with history and cultural
traditions dating back thousands of years. Troughout the centuries Japan has preserved its traditions
but has also undergone many changes. Enjoy the varied moods and flavours of traditional and
contemporary pieces using the Japanese instruments koto, shamisen, shakuhachi, and shinobue.