1. Festival of lights [10:39]
  2. Akaba [7:23]
  3. Dante's view [13:28] MP3 soundclip of Dante`s view [3:00]
  4. Occupational disease [8:49]
  5. Flying walls [10:32]
  6. Always a pleasure [8:46]
  7. The dustcape dance [8:28]
First CD release of MARTHA RABBIT called AKABA
All titles were composed by Michael J.J. Allert and Wolfgang Rohdenburg.

Since the late seventies we are doing electronic music, more or less regular, but always with a lot of fun.
2001 we started our first cd "Akaba". On this cd we have brand new titles (Akaba, Flying walls, The dustscape dance), but also newly arranged older material from our own - long - history (Occupational disease, Always a pleasure, Festival of lights, Dante´s view). Inspired by Tangerine Dream, but also by many other different music, we have always tried to find our own style.
Motivated by the first extremely positive critics of our cd "Akaba", we wonder where our way will take us and have already started to work on our next cd enthusiastically.

Martha Rabbit