Alien in New York
  1. Bananareggae [4:20]
  2. Are You ready [3:29]
  3. Oo La La [3:25]
  4. Side Window [3:38]
    Opium for the People
  1. Opium for the People [4:22]
  2. Stone Innocent Frankenstein [3:13]
This is the only way to get Daevid's rare 1983 12" 'Alien in New York' EP on CD. Spalax pad out this release with the 1978 Planet Gong 10" single 'Opium For the People', but as this differs little (if at all) from the 7" or album versions, that's no great gain, (unless of course you don't have those tracks).

The Alien in New York tracks however are well worth investigation. The first has a genuine reggae feel as Daevid adventured down to Jamaica to get the backing tracks from the famous studio of Mrs Pottinger. These were then overdubbed by some more familar musicians in the wide span of Daevid's recording history. They also provided the band for track 2. Tracks 3 and 4 are constructed from loops of New York Gong sessions and therefore in a slightly more mellow way continue Daevid's 'Playbax 80' experiments.

A fascinating (if somewhat expensive for the length) 'missing' piece from the Alien recording jigsaw.

Alien in New York (1976):
Daevid Allen: vocals, guitar
Gavin Da Blitz: syntesizer
Prof. Sharpstrings: guitar Keit Missile Bass: bass
Kif Kif Le Batteur: drums
Suze Da Blooze: vocals
Anni Wombat: vocals

Opium for the People (1983):
Mark Kramer: trombone
Ralph Carnei: bass sax
Mars Williamson: baritone sax
The Bergerettes: backing vocals
Bill Laswell: bass
Fred Maher: drums
Bill Bacon: drums
Gary Windo: tenor sax
Daevid Allen: various instruments, vocals