1. Impetus [5:57]
  2. Trance Journey [13:44]
  3. Immersion [10:31]
  4. Translook [11:04]
  5. Train of Impressions [10:27]
  6. Distance [7:12]
  7. Mealstrom [5:28]
  8. Two Worlds [5:03]
  9. Yonohamo [3:43]
  10. Return [6:33]
Dreams to escape from reality. That‘s the topic of the album „Dimensions Of Dreams“, released in 1995. The music supports the search for a refuge in an alternative sphere, in a dream world. „Dimensions Of Dreams“ is the third album by electronic artist Lambert, which can be regarded as the most sophisticated and elaborated Lambert release until that time. The Berlin School style has been developed to an extraordinary extent, enriched by full pad sounds evoking a multidimensional atmosphere.

„...the sequences...remind me of Chris Franke at his best times...a big progress in depth and warmth...“ KLEM-NRW 95

„...you want to listen to it again and again...“ (Ben Kettlewell, USA)

Compositional developments with an arc of tension are created by the use of noise, voice and sound sculptures finding its way to catchy and multilayered sequencer patterns: harmonic, melodic and thus perfect for dreaming.

Sold out for plenty of years this album finally is available again in a remastered version featuring one unreleased track as a bonus on occasion of the albums 24th anniversary.

Wanted rarity, remastered with a Bonus Track, CD duration of 80 min. Incl. the highlights „Immersion“ and „Return“ Reviews in Print- and Onlinemagazines, Youtube Presentation