1. A Light Years Journey [40:56]
  2. Vortex [30:06] MP3 soundclip of Vortex [3:00]
Composed and performed on Synthesizers by Russel Storey The opening track lasts 40 minutes and for this we are headed out into deep, deep outer space with a myriad spacey, cosmic synthscapes that soar, drift, drone, float, swirl and resonate, as this mighty space synth epic unfolds, deep, dark and meaningful, not to mention one seriously engaging piece of music.
Despite being called meditative, the 30 minute 'Vortex' is altogether more "heavenly" with a gorgeous set of flowing, higher-register synth spacescapes that slowly drift in quite beautiful fashion, constantly changing shape in slow-moving, deep space fashion, all of which makes this the finest of all the space music cd's he's done to date and the ideal starting point for anyone into some outstanding cosmic synth music without a rhythm in sight.

Dead Earnest