CD #1
  1. Genesis
  2. Journey Through A Burning Brain
  3. Alpha Centauri
  4. Sunrise In The Third System
  5. Ultima Thule Part One
  6. Birth Of Liquid Plejades
    CD #2
  1. Zeit
  2. Atem
  3. Wahn
  4. Green Desert
  5. Indian Summer
We are pleased to begin the series of Tangerine Dream reissues with a two cd Anthology covering the best of the legendary experimentalists material originally recorded between 1980 and 1987, a period referred to by fans as The Blue Years. The dawn of the 1980s saw Tangerine Dream hailed as masters of ambient and experimental electronic music. Following a series of albums originally issued on the German OHR label between 1970 and 1973, Tangerine Dream became one of the first acts to sign to Virgin records. With Virgin the group enjoyed huge international success, something which would continue upon them leaving Virgin in 1983. Signing to the British Jive Electro label, Tangerine Dream issued a series of recordings which saw them adapt their style to a new era including such legendary albums as Poland, Underwater Sunlight, Tyger and Live Miles. This anthology gathers the highlights of this period in the life of the group and adds additional material from the Pergamon concert in 1980 and two tracks from a concert in Sydney in 1982.

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