1. Before The Closing Of The Day
  2. The Spirit Of Virgil
  3. Minotaurae Hunt At Dawn
  4. Those Once Broke The First Word
  5. Dante In Despair
  6. Io Non Mori
  7. Vidi Tre Facce
  8. At The Deepest Point In Space
  9. L’Omperador Del Doloroso Regno
  10. Voices In A Starless Night
  11. Fear And Longing
  12. Fallen For Death
  13. Where All Light Went Silent
  14. Charon, Il Barchere
  15. La Grey De Los Almas Perdidas
  16. Justice Of The Karma Law
  17. As The Sun Moves Towards Heaven
  18. Beatrice, L’Âme Infinie

  19. Bonus Material
Filmed at Castle Nideggen, Cologne, Germany August 23 + 24 2002
Composed by Edgar Froese & Jerome Froese
5.1 Surround Mix for DVD by Thorsten Quaesching

Edgar Froese/Jerome Froese/Iris Camaa
Lyrics adapted from Dante's La Divina Commedia by Bianca Acquaye

Jayney Klimek (alto)
Barbara Kindermann (soprano)
Iris Camaa (alto)
Claire Fouquet (mezzosoprano)
Jane Monet (soprano)
Bianca Acquaye (alto)
Diane Miller (soprano)

The Divina consists of three parts: Inferno, Purgatorio & Paradiso. When Italian writer Dante Alighieri created this body of work at the beginning of the 14th Century, he relocated its setting behind a veil or curtain. This veil is our darkened, "normal" consciousness that concerns itself solely with the material manifestations of this world. This consciousness does not possess a real spiritual aspect in the absolutely pure sense of the word. According to Dante, mankind, living in today’s state of consciousness – when compared to the purely spiritual – finds itself in a state of deep slumber. However, mankind is not aware of this fact.

Although conceived more than 600 years ago, the spiritual heritage of The Divine Comedy is continuously aimed at the present – at the human being living in the here and now. On this DVD you will experience the concert performance of Tangerine Dream within a very special setting. An old castle near Cologne in Germany is forming the backdrop of this first part of Dante's trilogy. Together with this musical performance, you will see quite a few off stage images shot during the rehearsals and the set up on various locations including interviews of some of the participants.

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