1. Lanterna - Clear blue
  2. William Eaton Ensemble - Falcon's Flight
  3. Moya Brennan - Bi Liom
  4. Adrian Legg - Ghosts in the Hills
  5. The Ministry of Inside Things - Love Attack
  6. Jairamji - Cedar
  7. Air - Playground Love
  8. Harold Budd - Untitled for Echoes
  9. Jonn Serrie - Lumahai
  10. Kila - Baroki
  11. California Guitar Trio - The Marsh
  12. Samite - Tunula Eno
  13. Suzanne Teng - Aduman
  14. Ralf Illenberger - Riding the Wave
Every day, host John Diliberto tunes in and chills out to an ambient world on Echoes, a soundscape of music, concerts and interviews on Public Radio International stations and on-line at echoes.org. Each year we produce a CD of tracks from our favorite recent Living Room Concerts, performances recorded just for Echoes in musicians' homes and studios or the Echoes Living Room.